Business Software & Services for the Business Broker

JohnsonServices’ Suite of Services for Business Brokers are powerful and easy to use Business Brokerage Management applications.

Business Broker Solution
Our Applications include InBLISS© which is the leading Business MLS for Associations and Individual Brokers


Internet Business Listing Information Support System

Scalable: InBLISS is designed for use by a large broker association or by a single broker. With tools and versions available for everyone, the InBLISS line of products will work for you, whether you are an Independent Broker or part of an International Association.

Comprehensive: InBLISS is not a simple listing of businesses. It is a true MLS System with access to financial data, confidential seller and property information, complete broker contact details and ample fields for recording other details of the property for sale.

Independent: JohnsonServices & Companies is the only provider of a full line of Business Broker MLS Software Products for the International Association, Brokerage Firm or Independent Broker. Our job is not to compete with you. Our job is to create the tools you need to succeed.

Secure: InBLISS provides easy access to public information while keeping confidential information safe. All confidential information is password-protected and available only to authorized users.

Flexible: InBLISS easily accommodates your needs. Based on Internet standard technology, you can easily and seamlessly incorporate InBLISS into your own website.

Diversity: JohnsonServices will provide a complete Internet hosting and marketing package for your web sites. JohnsonServices also provides the OneList© service that will automatically post your business listings to other web marketing groups.

NBLS© Listing System

National Business Listing Service

The National Business Listing Service® (NBLS®) has been long awaited and deserved by the Business Broker community. The NBLS® has been designed by business brokers brokers with insight to address the challenges and changes facing the business brokerage industry. For decades brokers have experienced a fluctuation in markets, an array of professional practices, rising advertising costs, and a resistance to peer collaboration.

A dynamic resource for Business Brokers, the NBLS® is a Listing Management System, Listing Advertising Portal, and Business Broker Network offering a bundle of broker tools.


JohnsonServices & Companies developed the powerful easy to use OneList© module as an addition to the InBLISS© program. No longer will you have to go from one business broker website to another to add and maintain your listings. This tool allows you to post your listings to other OneList member association sites without re-typing your listings and still have control over the differences that vary between the different websites. As your listings are maintained or sold, OneList helps you manage them through all of the other OneList members associations.

The OneList© module is designed to be a quick and easy-to-use gateway for copying listings among multiple associations. By answering a few simple questions, your listing is copied to the new association. No more typos, no more re-keying of the same listings data over and over again!

New OneList members are always welcome.
Please contact JohnsonServices to find out how to be included in OneList.

Multi-level Password Security

  • Association level password allows addition/removal of local chapters and offices, regional descriptions, industry classifications and business sub-categories. Offices can be reassigned to new chapters.
  • Chapter or Region level password allows addition/removal of offices and brokers admitted under the chapter. Brokers, agents and listings can be reassigned to brokers in other offices within the chapter.
  • Office (Broker) level password allows addition/removal of registered brokers and agents. In addition, office-level authorization provides access to audit listings. Deleted listings can be reactivated. Agents or brokers can be placed on inactive status and then reactivated. Individual listings can be reassigned to other brokers in the office.
  • Agent level access allows individual agents to add, modify or delete their own listings. Individual agents cannot change listings entered by other brokers, but they can see confidential information for listings posted by other agents in their own office.

Extensive Search Options

  • Public options allow searching by broad industry classifications or industry/sub-category, price ranges, general locations or of any combination.
  • Advanced public keyword search option will search the entire public text description for keywords entered by website visitor
  • Authorized users can also search by specific agent, office, industry and other popular options.

Easy Access

  • Public access is as easy as reaching any other link on your website.
  • Password-protected control panel permits authorized users full access to their listings – view, add, delete or change listings, download to a PDA-(Palm OS) viewable page or an Excel file for further research.
  • No special software. Requirements are easily met by standard Internet tools.

Website Development

Professional websites created by experienced designers

We can design a new website for your company which includes special features for your business brokerage firm, or if you already have a website but would like to have a new design, we can help by providing some of the best quality web designs available.

  • We create clean, professional designs for all types of businesses and organizations, big and small.
  • We apply current development, design and SEO standards
  • We provide Listing Display and Marketing Modules as options to enhance your website.

Hosting & Email Services

We are the hosting company for major business brokerage organizations, such as VR Business Brokers.

With JohnsonServices & Companies as your web hosting company, you get a lot more than conventional web hosting. Contact us with your specific needs. You can get ahead of the competition by coming on-board with JohnsonServices. Why pay thousands for extra features when you can have the best for a minimal investment.

E-mail or call us today at 727-561-9333 and we'll provide a quote that will best suite your needs.